Sunday, August 7, 2011

Princess Palm

The Princess or Hurricane Palm is a beautiful palm allegedly resistant to hurricane force winds.  It is suitable for sub-tropical climates and is moderately drought tolerant.   Of the tribe Arecceae, and subfamilyArecoideae it is also known by the botanic name Dictyosperma album.  Princess Palms are native to the Mascarene Islands where they are considered close to extinction.
Plant Facts
Common Name:  Princess or Hurricane Palm
Botanical Name:  Dictyosperma album
Subfamily:  Arecoideae
Plant Type:  Solitary Palm Tree
Origin: Mascarene Islands (endangered in its native habitat)
Height:  30'
Rate of Growth: Moderate
Salt Tolerance: Moderate
Soil Requirements:  Widely adaptable
Water Requirements: Moderate drought tolerance
Nutritional Requirements:   Moderate
Light Requirements: High
Form:  Solitary, relatively slender trunk.  Canopy of 10-20 leaves.
Leaves:  Pinnately compound, reduplicate; twisted 90° near tip.
Inflorescence: 1.5' long, horn-like in bud
Fruits:  Purple-black
Pests or diseases:  Moderately susceptible to lethal yellowing.
Uses:  Specimen tree
Bad Habits: Drying winds can burn foliage.  Irrigate during prolonged drought.