Friday, November 28, 2014

Is It Better To Buy Fiberglass, Vinyl, or Wood Windows?

Within the entire history of windows, fiberglass frame windows are relatively new. Fiberglass windows are in many ways an improvement on wood and vinyl framed windows (and in some ways worse).

Fiberglass' Advantages Over Vinyl or Wood

  • Stronger than wood or vinyl. Less chances of warping.
  • Fiberglass framed windows can be painted, unlike vinyl.
  • "Greener" than vinyl or wood because fiberglass windows are made with about 60% glass, and glass can be recycled.
  • Closer to the appearance of wood windows than vinyl windows.
  • Unlike vinyl, fiberglass frame windows can be painted--if you want.
  • Yet, unlike wood windows, it is not necessary to paint fiberglass windows.
  • Considered more upscale than vinyl windows--better resale value.
Not all fiberglass windows are made with recycled glass. We are only saying that fiberglass can potentially be made with recycled glass.

Strength Is Biggest Selling Point

You might think that strength is not a big issue. After all, once the windows are nailed in place, they receive reciprocal strength from the surrounding building materials.

But the issue here is expansion and contraction. Wood windows especially expand and contract with climate changes. Fiberglass windows, by contrast, do not change and they do stay very "square" within their window frames, meaning that stuck or difficult windows are less of a problem.

High Price

Surprisingly, fiberglass costs more than vinyl. Higher than wood? Not in most cases, but everything is relative.
You may pay a healthy 15-30% more for your fiberglass framed windows than you 

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