Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Zen garden

One of the famous and popular garden decorations is Zen garden. It is the representation of the passion and bountifulness of oriental look. It is also offer you a peace and calm impressions. Moreover, Zen garden decoration also gives you a harmonization between human being and nature. -

 The aim of Zen garden is that to show the harmonization and balance of all of the garden texture and natural garden element of water, stone, tree and sand. Those natural elements are the main things that must be presented in Zen garden. Those are the elements that show the closeness of human and nature that cannot be separated. That is a kin d of oriental Zen garden’s philosophy. Zen garden designs can be created in some ways by placing and displaying those main elements keys. The first decoration style, you can put or display sand and stone as the main decoration stuff. You can spread the sand over the ground and place the stone in specific area. It can be the therapeutic relaxation by walking with barefoot. DO not forget to set some green tree containers.
Zen garden designs – the second design, you can spread gravels on the yard and give a boundary line with wood. You can plant some green trees or put some tree containers over the gravel. To add fresh look, create small water fall. Moreover, you can also set a small stone monument or Japanese wooden statue to affirm that you are truly being in nature.